We are a business started by the shared values of friends and family.  This is something that remains important to us and will continue to influence how our business works into the future, with the focus being on integrity, transparent and fair business practices all together with the personal touch and accountability.

The company Director came from a background working for the largest and most successful corporate brands in London.  After taking a look at how the industry is evolving he decided to take his 20+ years experience and start a company that would hopefully offer something different, to create a company that people enjoyed doing business with rather than a necessary evil.

There seemed to be two types of estate agencies that people had available to them. You had what most people knew as the “norm”. The established brands with large expensive shop fronts and shareholders to pay for. The fees are high as their costs are huge and their profit expectations are driven by CEOs who ceased being estate agents years ago.

With the Internet changing the whole mechanic of how people search for property, unsurprisingly there have been a large number of agencies based solely on the Internet. These tend to take a national approach and have developed complicated frameworks which their business runs on, so the person you are speaking to in Manchester will not be the person that values your home on Barnsbury Road.

DCS Residential has created a third way. With statistics showing that 90% of people start their property search on the Internet, the days of finding your dream home in the local paper or estate agent window are over. The idea was to start a company that would embrace today’s technology to deliver top of the range marketing ability so efficiently that we can pass on those savings to our clients.